Having been a professional dancer all my life I wanted to give something back, and after having my children I started to teach dance in schools, workshops and studios. In January 2011 I founded KCD KidsCanDance a Street Dance & Creative Movement class for kids. I realised that there wasn’t anything in the local area that was cool and funky for kids and wanted something for my own girls to attend.

The classes give kids the chance to experience commercial/street dance, hip-hop and contemporary dance styles without pressure. We focus on nurturing the child’s own unique dance style and encourage them to express themselves through movement. Each year they are given the opportunity to perform at various events including our annual dance show.

In 2018 I opened my own dance studio NCD Naomi Czuba Dance where I am now able to teach all my classes under one roof. I provide as many classes for the community as I can and provide opportunities for dance teachers to be able to carve out their own dance careers.

Dance has always been and remains to be my passion. My aim is to be able to share this within the community and beyond and make dance fun and accessible to everyone, by providing easy to follow and affordable classes for all. Whilst enabling people to grow in confidence, learn, laugh, connect, share, loose and find themselves through there own love of dance.

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