I’d love you to join me for three hours of dance in three different styles. Contemporary, Aerodance and Funky Fresh.

All classes will be open level and easy to follow. (some not suitable for complete beginners though)

Contemporary will be a fluid movement choreography and some dance experience will be necessary. I’ll take you through a few simple warm ups followed by a beautiful short sequence of movement. This class will not be suitable for complete beginners

Aerodance is a fast paced cardio dance class combining elements of jazz, contemporary and commercial dance styles. This class is one of my favourites as its so exhilarating. You can’t help but move! Again this class is not suitable for complete beginners.

Funky Fresh does exactly what it says on the tin! Funky choreography to hip-hop, commercial, house tunes all rolled into one. This will be one of my easier choreos so its accessible to all, even complete beginners. This is a class to truly let go in and is always so much fun.

Join me for all three or just pick your favourite! 

One class £12

Two classes £20

Three classes £30

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